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10 Best Foods To Eat Before And After Workouts That You Should Know

22 Mar

“Your diet is a bank account. Good food choices are good investments.”


If it’s about your good health, you ask so many questions to your fitness expert, there are a huge number of questions that I as a fitness expert hear from the people.

How would I be able to get the most out of my exercises?

How might I get in shape quicker, consume the most calories, and feel sufficiently invigorated to control through each instructional course?

I always advised them to eat the right food with the right choice. But, here comes another question. Now, they ask me what is right food with right choice?

Well! Well! Well! To solve your queries I decided to write an article on this. So, today I present you the list of 10 best foods to eat before and after the workouts.

And I promise you, you’ll like every bit of it!

Keep reading to know more about this little secret..!

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6 Ways To Stay Motivated To Train In The Long Run

22 Aug

Training is a lifestyle and this is why sometimes many gym-goers can lack the motivation needed to succeed in the long term. If you are training every day you know the struggle of motivating yourself to go through your workout. This is why you experience good workouts and great workouts. When you feel motivated and when you have the vision of what you want to achieve you go further with an extra set, extra rep or even spend a few more minutes on the treadmill. Here are the best ways of staying motivated in the long run:

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12 Best And Easy Exercises To Train Yourself Without Going To Gym

01 Jun

Well going to the gym to get into shape is not a bad idea. I have a deep thought in my mind and I laugh loudly.

You know what?

These days people go to the gym by the cars to do the exercise. Sounds funny!? Right?
But those who want to be fit but don’t like the idea of gymming can become fit at home only.

Seriously! You don’t require any equipment to get into shape again. It’s that you have to do just one, two, three at home.

That’s it!

Even I don’t like to rush for the gym, Seriously I don’t!! So, am going to tell you the 12 best exercises to train without going to the gym.
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10 Reasons Why It Rocks To Be A Bodybuilder

30 May

The best in life is achieved through hard work, focus and dedication. Nothing comes easy, and those who practice bodybuilding know this fact a tad too well. Bodybuilding is not just a sport; it is an art, and rightly so. It is not just a desire to be a center of attraction; bodybuilding is the burning passion for reaching the pinnacle of human body’s perfection. “Perfection” might sound like a far-fetched term, but ask a bodybuilder and he/she will tell you that this is exactly what they aim to achieve.
What is bodybuilding?

If you refer Wikipedia, you will get to know that bodybuilding is the use of progressive resistance exercises in order to develop musculature in a desired manner. But to my mind, bodybuilding is not just about participating in competitions to win awards. It is a way of life.
Bodybuilding is not synonymous with going to a gym, unlike the popular notion. Any amateur could go to a gym, even without a proper training and diet, and still manage to get results. Bodybuilding, on the other hand, requires a level of discipline and planning very few other sports require.

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7 Tips To Fix Bad Habits In Bodybuilding

26 May

In order to build muscle and develop the best chest possible, the bench press absolutely must be included in your upper body workout program.
The bench press is basically the ‘king’ of upper body lifts as it’s going to work the chest, shoulders, biceps, and triceps all in one movement. You’d really be reducing your results if you do not include it, or if you are not doing it correctly.
Remember the correct form of performing an exercise can virtually make or break the results you get because if you aren’t executing it correctly, you aren’t hitting the individual muscle fibers the way you should.
Here is a list of 7 bad habits that may affect the growth of your bodybuilding and tips to fix them.

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20 Bodybuilders To Follow On Facebook

26 May

Thanks to the advancement in the social media, the field of bodybuilding
has seen an overwhelming boost in the last decade. Young women and men around the globe are discovering that following a fitness routine in the gym can help them enhance their self confidence, improve their health and bring them a joyful lifestyle.
It was quite natural to follow some real life heroes in the human history. However, with the advent of social media, people have now relatively easy access to their heroes. Today, we are going to talk about top 20 bodybuilders whom people follow on Facebook. So, let’s start our countdown.

1 Arnold Schwarzenegger
Undoubtedly, Arnie tops the list. The reason is that Arnold is not only famous for his fabulous and strong muscles but also for his action packed Hollywood movies and politics. Nobody can forget his extraordinary performance in movies such as True Lies, Raw Deal and Conan the Barbarian etc. In addition to that; he also won Mr. Olympia titles seven times. He enjoys 16,225,034 followers on the Facebook page.

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10 Awesome Gifts For Bodybuldiers

26 May

Finding gifts for the bodybuilders is surely a hectic and tiresome practice because most of the products related to the gym are quite expensive. On the other hand, you are not sure about the utility of the gift. If you are supposed to make your friend happy then the gift must be a useful one. Otherwise, it would be like throwing a few bucks to buy a useless gift which will remain in a corner of your friend’s dwelling. So, let me give you some cool tips to finalize your gift idea.

1. Gym wear

First of all, every bodybuilder needs good gym clothes to train in. in this respect, you must be careful about the flexibility of the fabric. The outfit must allow full range of motion during exercise. If the outfits show off the bodybuilder’s hard earned body, then it would be a bonus. In fact, all the bodybuilders love to show off their strong physique.

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12 Most Influential People in Bodybuilding

22 Apr

When you talk about the stars of bodybuilding industry, there are few names you surely cannot miss out on. These people reflect the success, growth and popularity of body building over past years, and body building wouldn’t have been the same without them. Here are the 12 most influential people or the icons in bodybuilding of all time:



Former professional bodybuilder, Arnold Schwarzenegger is now an actor, producer, philanthropist, businessman and more. One of the most successful names in bodybuilding, he is one of the few bodybuilders to have such a huge impact on this sport. A veteran actor now, the bodybuilding journey of Arnold Schwarzenegger is quite impressive. His interest in this sport started with a visit to a local gym in Austria in 1960 and began weight training at the age of 23. His fame and popularity was not limited to Europe and he came to US to participate in body building competitions. He won the Mr. Olympia title in 1970 at the tender age of 23. His legacy in this field is commemorated in the annual bodybuilding competition, Arnold Classics.

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