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10 Reasons Why It Rocks To Be A Bodybuilder

30 May

The best in life is achieved through hard work, focus and dedication. Nothing comes easy, and those who practice bodybuilding know this fact a tad too well. Bodybuilding is not just a sport; it is an art, and rightly so. It is not just a desire to be a center of attraction; bodybuilding is the burning passion for reaching the pinnacle of human body’s perfection. “Perfection” might sound like a far-fetched term, but ask a bodybuilder and he/she will tell you that this is exactly what they aim to achieve.
What is bodybuilding?

If you refer Wikipedia, you will get to know that bodybuilding is the use of progressive resistance exercises in order to develop musculature in a desired manner. But to my mind, bodybuilding is not just about participating in competitions to win awards. It is a way of life.
Bodybuilding is not synonymous with going to a gym, unlike the popular notion. Any amateur could go to a gym, even without a proper training and diet, and still manage to get results. Bodybuilding, on the other hand, requires a level of discipline and planning very few other sports require.

The following are the 10 reasons why it rocks to be a bodybuilder:

1. Better sleep pattern

Sleep-deprivation is one of the biggest lifestyle problems current generation is facing. This goes along the fact that most of the work we do is not labor-intensive, which means we work less (physically) and sleep even lesser- a dangerous combination. Proper sleep is required for a healthier lifestyle, something that we easily ignore. Bodybuilding solves this problem for us. Since bodybuilding is a physically grueling process, it obviously makes us really tired at the end of the day. This means that all we can do after reaching the room is to fall on the bed and sleep like a baby. Granted, it might reduce our work hours, but it will guarantee adequate sleep for us, which will result in a healthy tomorrow.

2. More self-confidence

A huge number of people face challenges in life because they are insecure about how they look. This lack of confidence about their physical form is reflected in their daily life and decisions too, affecting them negatively. Bodybuilding improves the confidence level of a person, making him/her proud of their body. It also gains a significant level of admiration from our peer groups, further increasing our confidence levels.

3. Enhanced physical strength

Everyone wants to be strong; the one tough guy with whom nobody dares to pick up a fight with. However, only a few achieve it, and bodybuilders are one of them. Unlike the gym, which only tones your muscles without making them stronger, strength exercises could give a huge boost to muscle density. Greater muscle density implies more power to your punch. If you think muscle density isn’t an important factor, imagine a tiger vs. lion: Both are ferocious big cats, but a tiger wins 7 out of 10 times because of a greater muscle density.

4. Improved Stamina

Boosting the stamina is perhaps one of the lesser benefits of bodybuilding because it is common in most sports. Cycling, running, playing table tennis; all of these sports could also improve stamina, perhaps in a better way. But that doesn’t mean bodybuilding does nothing to improve the stamina. Stamina increases when there is continuous contraction and relaxation of muscles. Proper bodybuilding provides a lot of perks, and improved stamina is just another of them.

5. More energetic lifestyle

Despite having a horde of energy-rich food items everywhere, we are always constantly tired. This is not our fault, since it goes down way below, down to the cellular levels. Our lifestyle retards the efficiency of our tissues, thereby making them slow in absorbing oxygen and other nutrients. Bodybuilding, being a physically-intensive process, demands a greater supply of energy, thereby making our body more accustomed to absorbing nutrients. Thus, at times of the day when we are not exercising, our body still continues to produce energy in the same huge amounts, thus making us feel more energetic.

6. A sharper brain

This one may sound a bit far-fetched, but studies definitely associate bodybuilding with enhanced brain power. It has been found that regular physical exercise increases the supply of oxygen to all parts of the body, including the brain. More oxygen means more energy, which means the brain works in a more efficient manner. This efficiency is shown in mental sharpness, memory power and focus.

7. Peace of mind

Remember the days when you had a really good workout session, and immediately realized how good life was? Well, if not you, many bodybuilders have admitted the same. Physically intensive exercises make the body release more hormones (the good ones), which affects the part of the brain that controls our mood. Thus, we feel happier and more satisfied with life. In the lifestyle that makes us believe that we are useless, this is a huge reason to start bodybuilding.

8. A more disciplined life

Discipline is one of the fundamental virtues that dictate one’s lifestyle. When you take the biography of any great personality, words like “discipline” and “focus” keeps popping up. Bodybuilding is the art of discipline, this much we can agree upon. Not many activities in the world make you subject your body to intense pain, and then compels you to come tomorrow to repeat it. The discipline you learn from bodybuilding expands to every arena of your life, thereby making you a better person.

9. Better health

This one should be obvious by now. When you are subjecting your body to exercise that would tone it to the pinnacle of human perfection, it is obvious that you would not spend a lot of time on sick leaves. Bodybuilding helps improve your metabolism, your heart, your blood pressure and numerous other internal activities. It suffices to say that you won’t be seeing the doctor a lot.

10. You’ll enjoy a better sex life

Apparently, it looks a bit weird but believe me, it is true. According to the medical research, good body leads to better sex life. There are several things involved, for instance, you have more stamina than an ordinary man. And all of us know the importance of stamina during the sex. In this way, you can satisfy your partner and hence you will enjoy a good sex life.

These 10 benefits will surely motivate you in becoming a bodybuilder. Hope you have enjoyed reading the post. Any feedback, suggestion or query is welcomed in the comment box below.


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